Divorce and Remarriage

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Tony Evans

Narrated By: Mirron Willis

Publisher: Christianaudio.com

Date: September 2012

Duration: 1 hours 42 minutes


There are many views today on morality, relativity and right and wrong. Dr. Tony Evans refuses to let the voice of God be drowned out amidst the clamor of the crowd.

In the age where people can get a “no-fault” divorce (When is it ever nobody’s fault?) believers who claim to live by God’s word cannot dodge the issue: we cannot skip it, run from it, or ignore it. God has spoken clearly on this subject and while it is far from easy to address, it must be dealt with.

Combining a high view of marriage, compassion, and biblical authority, Tony Evans gives invaluable insight into divorce and remarriage as he explores real-life fears and questions by looking at the issue from God’s vantage point, not from our emotional one.

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