From the time we are little girls, we hear “happily ever after” stories. We read about them in romance novels. We watch them in romantic comedies. We see them in Walt Disney movies. And of course, we’re all familiar with the classic fairy tales.

But there are some little known facts about fairy tale relationships.

Let’s start with Sleeping Beauty. Once she “woke up,” she discovered that her prince wasn’t such a prince after all. He had merely been on his way to a costume party at the castle.

Then there was Snow White. Once she really got to know him, she realized that her “Happy” prince was actually a composite of all seven dwarves: she not only got Happy, but also Sleepy, Dopey, and Grumpy.

Cinderella soon found out that her husband, Charming, often left the lid up on the royal chamber pot, frequently threw his dirty leggings all over the bedroom floor – and that he had a foot fetish!

Funny how we never heard about these realities.

Everything in our culture reinforces the fairy tale myth that the right man will make any woman’s life complete, perfect, and blissful. As a result, we tend to buy into that belief. Guys, no wonder you feel pressure!

Every woman wants to feel loved, valued, cherished, worthy, and special – like a princess! But is a man really the answer? If you’re married, you may sometimes feel like you’re living with Al Bundy instead of the guy on the white horse. If you’re single, Sir Charming just hasn’t shown up yet. Whether married or single, we all carry around some sort of expectations about what a man can or should do to meet our deepest emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. When those needs aren’t met, it’s easy for us to be influenced by the lies of our world. And believing those lies only intensifies the discomfort and pain of our unmet needs. Sometimes that discomfort leads us into temptations and resulting decisions that aren’t the best choices for our lives – choices that are less than God’s best for us.

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