Audio Business & Digital Marketing

What will digital disruptors do? They’ll help you lose weight, then they’ll help you decide how to do your hair on a Friday night. They’ll make your child’s violin lesson really soar. They’ll deliver you a morning report of the time you spent in REM sleep. They’ll help your business learn one hundred times as many insights from its customer database at one-one hundredth the cost. They’ll help you treat major illnesses or better yet, they’ll watch you 24/7 and identify your risk for illness before you even fall prey to it. They’ll help you figure out which Thai restaurant is worth trying out in the same day that they warn you that your teenager took the car to a neighboring town when she should have been in school. Value comes from seeing what customers need and delivering it. Digital disruptors will do all of this at lower cost, with faster development times, and with greater impact on the customer experience than anything that came before. Digital Disruption can be used by anyone in any industry, and implore you to make yourself as ready – as disruptive – as you possibly can be. Why? Because digital disruptors are turning our world – including your industry – upside down. Digital Disruption will guide you to the steps you must take to make your organization as digitally disruptive as the digital disruptors headed straight for you.